Dr. Sethurajan Sethurajan Balasubramania, Dr. M. Sridharan, Dr. Anbumani Perumal


Orbital wall fracture is a common outcome of orbital injuries. Fracture
of orbit may lead to enophthalmos, limitation of orbital movement,
diplopia and anaesthesia or paresthesia of the infraorbital nerve1.Prerequisites
for successful repair of fractures of the orbital complex: a
thorough understanding of the regional anatomy; an accurate
diagnosis; unimpeded exposure and in some cases, rigid xation of the
fracture. The goal of surgery is to reposition herniated orbital fat and
tissue within the orbit, and repair of the post traumatic defect 2. Orbital
wall defects have been repaired with several types of autogenous grafts
3 or alloplastic 4 or allogenic implants5 to lift the eyeball into its correct
position and avoid enophthalmos. Iliac bone is easy to harvest, and the
medial cortex of the anterior iliac crest is relatively easy to shape to t
the internal orbital wall 6. The purpose of the present study was to
clinically and radiologically evaluate the outcome of internal orbital
reconstruction with an iliac bone graft in orbital blow out fractures.

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