Dr. Elroy Saldanha, Dr. Dhruv Patel, Dr. Nikhil Mehta, Dr. Bonny Joseph, Dr. Sandeep Ghosh, Dr. Vinod Dhakad, Dr. Sanjay Desai


INTRODUCTION: Cancer Of Tongue as well as buccal mucosa have been noted to be quiet common in India,
attributed to various causes and has varied clinicopathological features involving various subsites of oral cavity in
advance malignancy.Varied treatment modalities has been described in the treatment of carcinoma tongue. In view of the changing trends, we did
a study to evaluate the practices followed in carcinoma tongue at our center
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Non randomized prospective observational study that was done on patients who presented with carcinoma
tongue in our institution. Patient underwent metastatic workup and based on tumour board decision, were planned for surgery according to their
disease burden. Surgery along with reconstruction, post op complications with adjuvant treatment and follow up noted and assessed
RESULTS: Most common decade involved was 41-50 years with 34 cases (33.66%). In the productive age group between the age of 21 years
and 50 years we had 73 cases. Males were 82 cases (81.19%). 34% patients had growth in the left lateral aspect of the tongue, while 23% had
complete involvement of anterior two third of the tongue. 25 patients (24.75%) pts presented in stage IVA, while 43 (42.57%) were in stage II
with 35 patients (34.65%) patients had undergone Total Glossectomy + B/L MRND 2 and 33 (32.67%) underwent Hemi Glossectomy + MRND
2 with 50% of patients had pectoralis myocutaneous flap (PMMC) was used for the reconstruction of the defects and 20% with Free Radial
Artery Forearm Flap (FRAFF). Most of the histopathology were squamous cell carcinoma and 10% had adenoid cystic carcinoma.
CONCLUSION: The mainstay of treatment of head and neck cancer is surgery and specially carcinoma tongue requires aggressive
management due to involvement of adjacent subsites and subsequent morbidity. Multimodality treatment is the key in advanced malignancy.
Lack of screening programmes leads to patient being presented with advanced malignancy requiring extensive and morbid surgeries.


Carcinoma Tongue, Glossectomy, Multimodality Treatment, Modified Radical Neck Dissection

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