Mathur Navneet, Mahich Sushma, Harshvardhan Rekha, Agarwal Sunita


Aims: - To assess the presence of bacterial biolm on the sinus mucosa of chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) patients and to
evaluate the relationship between biolm and clinical features of CRS.
Methods and Material: – It is a prospective study carried out on 100 patients. Samples of diseased paranasal sinus mucosa with CRS who
underwent functional endoscopic sinus surgery were analyzed with tube method to detect bacterial biolm.
Results: Bacterial bio lm was observed in 29 out of 50 (58%) disease group cases and 3 out of 50 (6%) control group , (p <0.001).The average
Lund Mackay score and symptom score and preoperative Lund Kennedy endoscopic score were signicantly higher in biolm positive than bio
lm negative patients.
Conclusions: This study demonstrates bio lm, a possible cause for the persistent inammation, antibiotics resistance and clinical characteristics
of CRS patients. Bio lm delays healing process in CRS patients.


Chronic rhinosinusitis, Biolm, Tube method

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