Shiva Shankara A. R., Manjeshwar Shrinath Baliga, Princy L. Palatty


Sandalwood has many benecial effects on health. The anticancer and skin protective effects of sandalwood have been
proposed to be due to its anti-inammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and antiprotease effects . The present study aimed
to assess the antielastase and antihyaluronidase effects of sandalwood. Aqueous extract of sandalwood (50 mg/ml) was added to the reaction
mixtures of elastase and hyaluronidase enzyme assays to test its inhibitory effect. This in vitro study demonstrated that sandalwood extract
inhibited elastase acitivity and hyaluronidase activity by 81% and 72% respectively. Applying aqueous extract of sandalwood after grinding it
against a stone with water, is a common practice in India. This religious practice has to be seen from scientic perspective of skin protecting effects
of sandalwood.

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