Dr. Anand Shankar. S, Dr. Vinoth Kumar. S, Prof C. P. Ganesh Babu


BACKGROUND: Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) and Fine needle non aspiration cytology (FNNAC) are most
widely employed diagnostic techniques in thyroid lesions. Both procedures have their own advantages and
disadvantages. This review article is an attempt to evaluate the superiority of one test over the other based on available literature.
METHODS: Primary relevant publications obtained from PubMed, Google Scholar, EMBASE, MEDLINE, Cochrane Database of systematic
reviews (CDSR) were included. Duplicate copies of article in various databases were eliminated. The articles were reviewed based on cytological
interpretation, role of ultrasound in cytology and comparison of FNAC and FNNAC.
RESULTS: Both FNNAC and FNAC have similar diagnostic accuracy for a malignant thyroid lesion and superiority could not be established.


Thyroid, cytology, ne needle, aspiration, non- aspiration

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