Dr. Nikhil Dilip Chaudhari


In this present era, the human life style has been drastically changed. He has to use his eyes extensively, for thorough study of various objects or close inspection of minute objects, reading, writing, heavy computer work, Internet surfing continuous reading, watching T.V.,continuous driving on bike with working in industries, hot areas, tropical areas, eyes opened exposed to pollutants, late night duties like watchman etc. Especially, young have to work hard, in doing study and other activities and various poisonous gases are excreted by the vehicles, industries also air pollution is dominating. Directly or indirectly they are harmful to eyes.

            Considering the situation and the subject I have selected a universal problem of the eye that has been affecting a large number of people around the world called as Dry Eye Syndrome having a resemblance with a disease called as Shushkakshipaak.

Sushrutacharya had described Sushkakshipaak as

            The disease in which the eye lids become dry and hard and remain always closed, the vision becomes cloudy and hazy eyelids is called the Sushkakshipaak.

According to Acharya Vagbhat

            Vata and Pitta dosha predominance is described by Vagbhat also the symptoms are more severe as compared to Sushruta like different types of pain and burning sensation, following dryness of eyes, foreign body sensation etc.

            To explain the effect of yashtimadhu aachyotan on Sushkakshipaak we need to take consideration of  rasa, veerya, vipak, guna and doshaghnata of yashtimadhu that is madhur & Snigdha it is pittaghna and being guru snigdha and madhur it is vataghna however it is kaphakar. It is exactly opposite to shushakashipaak dosha.



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