Dr. Nina M. Shah, Dr. Sandip Lukhi, Dr. Siddharth Tanti, Dr. Hiral C. Chauhan


Laryngocele is a cystic dilatation of the saccule of the larynx
and it is generally lled with air. If communication between the
cyst and the laryngeal lumen is occluded, uid may
accumulate within the sac. A mucous retention cyst may also
arise from the mucus gland of the saccule of the larynx, in
which case it is lled only with mucus and not air and is called
a saccular cyst. The incidence of laryngocele is 1 in 2.5 million
population, hence it is rare. Usually, males between 50 and 60
years of age are affected. Since a laryngocele is mainly seen
among glass blowers and trumpet players, an increase in
intraluminal laryngeal pressure has been postulated as a
possible mechanism. However, in the elderly, an underlying
laryngeal carcinoma needs to be excluded. This case is
unique in that the patient was neither a glass blower nor a
trumpet player. Besides, the excised specimen showed no
evidence of malignancy.

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