Dr. M Srivignesh, Dr. N. Mariappan, Dr Sandhya Sundaram


Summary: Glomus tumors are rare and occur typically in the subungual region of the digits of extremities.
They present with severe pain out of proportion to the size of the tumor and are associated with severe cold
intolerance. Possibility of glomus tumour must be considered in the differential diagnosis for evaluation of unexplained
nocturnal or rest hand pain. We present a unique case of 73-year-old male patient treated for rare presentation of the tumor at the
pulp of nger. We also discuss clinical, histopathological and immunohistochemistry diagnosis and management of glomus
tumors of Hand.


Glomus Tumour, Glomangioma, Glomangiomatosis, Perivascular Neoplasm, Sub-ungual Glomangiomyoma, Sucquet-hoyer Canal.

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