Dr.Papaiah Nirmal Pudota


Objective: To detect the Correlation of microalbuminuria in 100 hypertensive patients with Retinopathy
and lipid prole
Methods: We performed a prospective analysis study of 100 patients visiting Balaji medical college and
hospital,Chennai.Inclusion criteria :Hypertensive patients with BP>140/90 mmhg and age more than 30 years.Exclusion
criteria:Patients with renal disease,T2DM,Ischemic heart disease,CVA,pregnancy.microalbuminuria was measured using the
dip stick test ,dened as having UAE in the range of 30-300mg/24h
Results:100 patients were involved in the study fullling the criteria.30 out of 100 patients had microalbuminuria. 21 males out
of 45 were found to have microalbuminuria and 9 out of 25 females were found to have Microalbuminuria.Serum levels of
cholesterol,Triglycerides,and uric acid in patients with microalbuminuria were higher than the levels in those with normal
UAE(urine albumin excretion),and HDL(high density lipid) levels in patients with MA(microalbuminuria)were lower than
levels in patient with normal UAE.On performing Fundus examination in the study patients ,13 out of 22 patients with grade II
retinopathy had microalbuminuria and 8 out of 13 with stage III retinopathy had microalbuminuria ,5 out of 9 with stage IV had
MA,and only 2 out of 43 patients with normal fundus had MA.So,Stage II,III,IVof retinopathy patients had more frequency of
microalbuminuria compared to patients with normal fundus. Therefore screening of fundus is a must for patients having MA,so
if we could detect MA early,end organ damage could be prevented by appropriate clinical management
Conclusion : Hypertension is one of the most common global diseases causing signicant mortality and morbidity.Therefore
proper screening and assessment is required to identify patients at risk.Patients with Microalbuminuria have increased
chances of developing retinopathy compared to those without.So, screening for microalbuminuria must be considered to be
part of initial work up in every hypertensive patient and those with MA must be screened regularly for fundus along with
appropriate clinical management.

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