Dr. Manisha Malviya, Dr. Mehul Trivedi, Dr Pradip K Chourasia, Dr Jyoti V Tote


Introduction: There are evidences on literature correlating Diabetes Mellitus type 2 with tooth loss.
Considering the necessity of understanding the role dentition plays on welfare and daily life of diabetic
people, this study was done around a tertiary medical Institute's adjoined territory, Urban & Rural health centres aiming to
assess the number of missing teeth and to examine the relationship between age and tooth-loss in diabetic patients.
Method: This study was to assess the number of missing teeth and to examine the relationship between age and tooth-loss in
diabetic patients. The study consisted of 201 diabetic patients and an equal number of non-diabetic patients as control. Selfadministered
questionnaires were distributed and this was followed by an oral examination of each patient; number of missing
teeth were recorded in a data collecting sheet. Study was designed as a cross sectional analytical study . Information was
analysed by using the Microsoft Excel and SPSS 20. Study was conducted around a tertiary medical Institute's ( having a dental
unit ) adjoined territory, Urban & Rural health centres.
Results: Study subjects were within age-group 35 -75 years for diabetics and 30 – 68 years for non-diabetics. The mean number
of missing teeth in diabetics was 5.18 ± 0.70 while non-diabetics had 3.17 ± 0.53 which was statistically signicant when pvalue
was ≤ 0.005. Diabetic patients, within the age-group of 35-44 had 3.21 mean missing teeth and those within the agegroup
of 64-75 years had 7.31 mean missing teeth.
Conclusion: The Average mean number of missing teeth in the diabetic patients and the control subjects increased gradually
as patients grew older but tooth loss was more signicant in the diabetics. Within the limitations of this study, tooth loss is more
in diabetic patients than nondiabetics and increases more in diabetics as both groups grow older.


Tooth Loss , Diabetic Patients , Age , Periodontal Disease

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