Dr. Ujwal K. Rathod, Millind Patil, Dr. Smita Santosh Chavhan


Silent liver diseases are common amongst apparently healthy individuals and are sometimes diagnosed
only at autopsy. In present study we came across 16 cases of liver metastasis. Metastasis present in 80%
of cases as compared to 20% of primary malignant tumors. It is observed that in adults metastasis in liver from other primary
1,2 sites is much more common than primary hepatic tumors which is also similarly reported in literature The commonest clinical
presentation were abdominal distention (62.50%), Ascites (62.50%), abdominal pain (56.25%), jaundice (56.25%),
1,2,4,5 hepatomegaly (50%), weight loss (43.75%) . Clinical features quite inconsistent, patient can be often be asymptomatic.
Obstructive jaundice, massive intraperitoneal haemorrhages and features mimicking cirrhosis are other unusual
1,3,12 manifestations . In liver metastasis, middle age, predominantly male adults were more commonly affected. The liver is
1 common site for metastases mainly from breast, lung and colon, stomach and pancreas . However cancer at any site of body
1 may spread to the liver .


: Liver Metastases. Autopsy.

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