P. Manivannan


Financial activities in India have faced radical alterations due to the implementation of new economic policies.  Before liberalization, in 1969 and 1980 banking establishments were nationalized based on the thrust aim of supplementary banking i.e., rapid spreading out of banking activities.  Whereas now the industry is operated on the concept of customer centric and Cyber Centric banking i.e. changed towards “Better financial activities from more financial activities” in order to face the market challenges.  After the adoption of technological development it allows the banking businesses and other stakeholders to interact and transact with the institutions seamlessly through a variety of conduits.  They are Internet, Wireless devices, ATM’s, Mobile payment wallets and various digital applications.  These facilities are widely provided by almost all the institutions. 

            Based on this background an attempt has been made to draw the responses about the level of usage and customer satisfaction towards Cyber Centric Financial activities.


Financial Activities, Customer Satisfaction

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