Dr. Najmus Saher, Dr. Maqbool Ahmad Khan


Dysmenorrhea is very common gynecological problem in women of reproductive age worldwide. It begins with the first ovulatory cycle and occurs about two years after menarche. Although it is not life threatening, it can be painful for many adolescents .It is one of the leading cause of recurrent short term absentee in school and work place. Objective of the present study is to assess the menstrual pattern and its common associated symptoms, at Central Research Institute of Unani Medicine Lucknow. An institute based cross-section was done during the April 2018 to November 2018 on 233 participants come to the Institute for their treatment of dysmenorrhea and their associate symptoms. Data were recorded on standardized pre design questionnaire for the study. At the end of the study it is found that the low back pain is the most common (95.27%) complaints before and during the menstrual cycle, and after that leg cramp (91.84%) , lower abdominal pain (83.69%) , nausea (62.23%) , headache (57.08%) , generalized weakness (51.07%) , poly urea (46.35%) , fever (49.78%) and anorexia (49.78%). The result of the study revealed that highest common symptoms are low back pain.

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