Dr Samarat, Dr Kiran L Hunashikatti


Hypertension is one of the leading causes of death and disability among adults all over the world and emerging health problem in India. Alterations in the intracellular free Calcium regulation as well as disturbances of extracellular calcium homeostasis have been observed in patients with essential hypertension. To study the levels of serum Calcium in patients with primary hypertension and correlate the serum Calcium levels with severity of disease. Information for the study was collected from patients admitted to S.NIJALINGAPPA MEDICAL COLLEGE AND HANGAL SHRI KUMARESHWAR Hospital and Research center, Bagalkot from April 2018
to August 2019. Patients met inclusion criteria were studied. A Comparative Study was done. Serum calcium was done in total 164 patient which were divided equally in 3 groups Stage I Hypertensives, Stage II Hypertensives, and Controls, 41 patients in each groups of Hypertension and 82 patients in control group, results were obtained compared. In patients of Essential hypertension mean serum Calcium levels were found to be low in comparison to Normotensives. Further, Stage II Hypertensive patient has more reduced levels of serum calcium than Stage I hence low Serum Calcium levels were associated as the severity of the disease increases.



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