Dr. Upendra Kumar, Dr. Milandeep, Dr. Gajendra Pandit, Prof. Dr. Sudhir Khichy, Prof. Dr. R. S. Sharma


Introduction: Breast diseases are at a rising trend in recent years among young women. Many cancers
are diagnosed at advanced stages. Carcinoma breast that too invasive ductal variety is the most
commonest of all.
Aims and objectives: Earlier detection of malignancy in breasts with the aid of modied triple test which includes clinical
examination USG breast, FNAC of breast lump.
Materials and methods: A prospective study of 103 patients were included in the study.
Inclusion criteria- Female > 20yrs and willing for lump excision.
Exclusion criteria- females <20 yrs,males, Advanced diseases of breast, patients not willing for lump excision.
Results: Based on the studies 17 /20 of nipple discharge cases ,30/50 painless lumps,19/21 axillary lymphnode cases,33/39 hard
lumps were malignant. sensitivity of USG ,clinical examination, FNAC,MTT 86.8% ,86.34% 92% ,97.36% respectively.
Conclusion: Modied triple test is far better in early detection of breast malignancies than individual tests


Breast, clinical examination, FNAC, Malignancy, Ultrasonography

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