Dr. Surya Prakash, Dr. Rajkumar Rajpoot, Adeel Ahmad


Background: In our study we aimed to provide a complete epidemiological, clinical and management
description of Peptic ulcer Perforation in all age group patients
Materials and Methods: This study has been based on analysis 50 cases of peptic ulcer perforation (gastric and peptic)
admitted in Department of Surgery, M.L.B. Medical College, Jhansi from December 2017 to August 2019. Results: All the patients
who were undergoing exploratory laparotomy followed by graham's omentum patch repair for peptic ulcer perforation were
taken. A detailed history, thorough clinical examination and necessary routine blood investigations and X-ray chest - standing
position were performed in each case.
Conclusion: Peptic ulcer perforation shows increasing incidence in young adult males. The increased incidence shows
association to smoking, alcoholism, irregular food habits, use of NSAIDS/steroids and overall stressed lifestyle.


Peptic ulcer, Perforation, Laparoscopy, Surgery, Outcome

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