Dr. Gauri Nagnath Jagdale, Dr. Pradip W. Sambarey


INTRODUCTION- Stillbirth is an important global health problem affecting over 7000 families every day
and is associated with emotional, social & economic consequences.
OBJECTIVES- To study all the cases of stillbirths in last one year at tertiary care center in view of its etiology, pregnancy
complications & associated risk factors.
METHODS- Retrospective observational study of all cases in last one year (Nov. 2018 to Nov. 2019) at tertiary care center. All
cases are assessed in aspect of history, clinical ndings, laboratory parameters, complications and outcome.
RESULTS: Total cases of stillbirth were 102 out of 9624 total births during study period. Stillbirth rate was 11 per 1000 total births.
CONCLUSION: Targeting at risk population groups, recording all stillbirths and improving quality of health care provided can
reduce the rate further


Stillbirth, complications, congenital anomalies.

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