Prof Dr Rajeev sinha, Dr Sudhanshu Sharma


Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery has only gained popularity over last few year and this technique in
mainly offered at major laparoscopic centers. SILS is an advance minimal invasive surgical procedure in
which the surgery is done through a single entry point i.e. the navel. A 20 mm incision at the umbilicus is all that is required for the
surgery. A scope is inserted that can be moved around in the body & returns images from various angles giving the surgeons a
larger eld of vision for the surgery & the instruments used to performs the surgery are exible there by enabling extra reach and
maneuverability. SILS involves the use of exible instruments and a higher level of laparoscopic expertise. SILS was mainly
used for Gall stone Disease Appendicitis & Hernia but in recent year SILS is using in almost every laparoscopic procedure.

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