Somnath Singh Raghuvanshi, Tribhuvan Nath Dubey, Himanshu Sharma, Rita Saxena


The sensory neuropathies are still prevalent as the most frequent neurological disorder associated with
HIV infection and its treatment with ART. There are two major types of HIV-associated distal sensory
peripheral neuropathies: primary HIV-associated distal sensory polyneuropathy (HIV-DSP) and ART toxic neuropathy (ATN),
together which affect approximately 30–67% of patients with advanced HIV disease.
AIM: association of HIV neuropathy & its correlation with glycemic status.
MATERIAL & METHODS: After obtaining prior ethical clearance, treatment naïve PLHA (person living with HIV/acquired
immunodeciency syndrome (AIDS)) patients were included in the study and we carried out a cross-sectional study of the HIV
seropositive patients in inpatient and outpatient clinic of the Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, from December 2011 to
December 2012.
RESULTS: Impaired fasting glucose was signicantly higher in neuropathy group by NCS examination (61.9%) than nonneuropathy
group (31.2%), p=0.009 . Impaired glucose tolerance is signicantly higher in clinical neuropathy group (75.9%)
than non-neuropathy group (28.3%), p=0.009.
CONCLUSION : The dysglycemia is more common in the hiv patients and both dysglycemia and hiv associated with
neuropathy or hiv patients are more prone to dysglycemia.


Human Immunodefeciency Virus , Plha , Nerve Conduction Study . Dysglycemia.

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