Dr. Parmanand Agarwal, Dr. Yuvaraj J Bhosale


Cricothyroid space is the indentation between the thyroid and cricoids cartilages and is covered by the
anterior/median cricothyroid ligament, a useful site for emergency access to the airway. The aim of the
present study was to collect data on the cricothyroid space in Indian population by measuring the height & width of the
cricothyroid space and also measure anterior length of larynx. Sixty apparently healthy looking specimens were obtained from
embalmed cadavers. Height of cricothyroid space ranged from 6.64 - 12.56 mm, Transverse width of cricothyroid space ranged
from 9.8 – 18.9 and length of larynx in anterior midline ranged from 27.12 - 42.96 mm. understanding of the dimensions and
crucial anatomy of the cricothyroid space and related area is important to avoid or manage complications during surgical
cricothyroidotomy. The dimensions are variable in different population, there is scope for more such study to corroborate these
ndings and its clinical relevance.


Cricothyroid Space, Tracheostomy, Cricothyroidotomy, Cricothyroid Membrane

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